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child care

Child Care

Child care is the act of caring for and supervising minor children. The first few years of a child's life are important to form a basis for good education, morality, self-discipline and social integration... more


Common Health Disorders

Health Articles on common disorders like Asthma, Cervical Spondylosis, Dry Eyes etc., with prevention, management & homoeopathic treatment...more


Endocrine System Disorders

The endocrine system is composed of a network of organs and glands responsible for producing, storing, and secreting hormones that help to maintain and control vital functions such as growth, reproduction, and energy levels. There are several endocrine system diseases that result from disruptions of the system... more


Eye Disorders

Eye Care is a serious concern that is often neglected by people taking sight for granted!  Find out about common eye disorders and how you can protect/prevent common eye disorders... more

first aid

First Aid & Homoeopathy

First aid is not meant to replace competent medical treatment. It is designed to keep an accident or illness victim alive, protected and comfortable, with as little opportunity for further injury as possible, until he is seen by a physician or qualified medical personnel... more


General Information

General medical information on weight charts, blood analysis, blood pressure... more



Provided in this sections are articles relating to scientific explanation of homeopathy, analysis and evaluation of symptoms, case taking, rare remedies & 30+ methods of prescribing... more


Skin Disorders

The skin is one of the most vulnerable organs of the body. Though seldom life threatening, skin disorders can be uncomfortable and may cause chronic disabilities. In addition, because the skin is so visible, skin disorders can lead to psychological stress. There are many disorders of the skin that require clinical care by a physician or other healthcare professional... more


Viral Diseases

Selected articles on infectious diseases caused by viruses with effective homoeopathic treatment and preventive measures... more


Women Health Problems

There are a variety of women's health problems that require specific attention, treatment and action. Find out more on how homeopathy can help... more

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