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This section is meant to provide a foundation in the principles of homeopathy for the developmental needs of individual students for acquiring, appraising and creatively extending their knowledge and skills of homeopathic practice.

Today when Homoeopathic System of Medicine is recognized in major parts of the world some people with their own vested interests had started business of homoeopathy. Many practicing homoeopaths take the shelter of names like "Classical Homoeopathy, Hahnemannian Homoeopathy, Kentian Homoeopathy, Scientific Homoeopathy, Predictive Homoeopathy, progressive homoeopathy, revolutionized homoeopathy" and so on.

Technically speaking all the above-referred homeopathies simply uses one or the other methods of prescribing under their own convenient names like old wine in new bottle with different brands. These fly by night gurus (master homoeopaths) have their own whims and thoughts, hypothesis. However, homoeopathy in theory and practice remains the same what Dr. Hahnemann wrote more than 2 Centuries back.

One must read Organon of Medicine 4th to 6th edition to understand the pain and labor put by Dr. Hahnemann to make homoeopathy more understandable in practice.



Importance of Analysis & Evaluation of Symptoms [277KB]

We have seen in our experience that every homeopath encountered a great deal of difficulty in this topic due to abundance of symptomatology in patients as well as in pathogenesis making up the Materia Medica. In education, teachers also avoid this topic since students find it boring & that they feel themselves confused, reason being that there are many different schools by which one can take symptoms, evaluate the same and come to similimum...


Homoeopathy - A Science or Placebo? [770KB]

Homoeopathy continues to be used by practitioners throughout the world and its acceptance by the masses attests to its effectiveness. A treatment based solely on the placebo effect could not enjoy such popularity for so many years if there were not something to it. Many different studies have been published examining the efficacy of homoeopathy in treating various medical conditions. But most conventional medical practitioners remain unconvinced of its value because some studies on homoeopathy's therapeutic benefits show a positive healing outcome whereas other studies do not. Assuming that one believes at least some of the studies showing a significant effect of high dilutions on people and cellular preparations, there must be some explanation for homoeopathy's physiological and healing effects....


Case Taking [160KB]

The foremost step towards making a good prescription is a well taken case...


Homoeoposology - Scientific Reappraisal [36KB]

Article by Dr. RS Sharma on Homeopathy... 


Methods of Prescribing

An insight to the 30 plus different methods of prescribing in homoeopathy that are tested and established by the pioneers of Homoeopathy... more


Rare Remedies [8KB]

Uncommonly & rarely used homeopathic medicines for which very less is know, however, when prescribed provide excellent results...


Scientific Explanation of Homoeopathy & more [107KB]

Article by Dr. RS Sharma on Homeopathy...


Science of Homoeopathy - Beyond Contemporary Sciences [107KB]

Article by Dr. RS Sharma on Homeopathy...


CCH Notification: Permission to use I-V fluids and conduct deliveries by Homoeopathic Practitioners in India

CCH Notification No-14-1/2004-CCH/5953 Dated 4th June 2004

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011