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Viral Diseases


Selected articles on infectious diseases caused by viruses with effective homoeopathic treatment and preventive measures:


Chicken Pox [57KB]

A highly contagious disease occurring in children. Check out the homoeopathic remedies that lead to a safe and speedy recovery..


Herpes Zoster [45KB]

Acute painful blistery red rashes that is confined to one side of body, affecting one nerve distribution...


Hepatitis [319KB]

Know about all the forms of hepatitis and their homoeopathic treatment...


Malaria [14KB]

Serious infectious disease spread by certain mosquitoes most common in tropical areas characterized by fever, chills and sweating...


Measles [47KB]

An acute contagious viral disease that causes fever and rashes on the skin...


Mumps [75KB]

An acute contagious viral disease affecting parotid glands. Humans are the only natural host of this disease...

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011