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First Aid - Nose Bleed (Epistaxis)


Nosebleeds (epistaxis) can be caused by an injury, disease, the environment, high blood pressure, and changes in altitude. They frighten the casualty and may bleed enough to cause shock.

If a fractured skull is suspected as the cause, do not stop the bleeding. Cover the nose with a loose, dry, sterile dressing and call the local emergency number or medical personnel.

What to do in case of Nose Bleed?

If the casualty has a nosebleed due to other causes, do the following:

  • Sit the subject down with the head held forward. Do not let the head tip back, as this increases bleeding and encourages swallowing of blood which might induce vomiting.
  • Ask the subject to mouth breathe, and pinch the nose shut (if there is no fracture) just below the bridge with the thumb and index fingers for at least ten minutes. Inform the casualty not to rub, blow, or pick his or her nose. Seek medical assistance if the nosebleed continues, bleeding starts again, or bleeding is because of high blood pressure. If the casualty loses consciousness, place them on their side to allow blood to drain from the nose and call the local emergency number or medical personnel.
  • Tell them to try not to speak, swallow, cough, spit, or sniff.
  • If the bleeding continues, you must seek advice from a doctor.
  • Frequent, sudden and severe nosebleeds usually need to be treated at hospital.

Homoeopathy Remedies

Millefolium 6 is very useful in general cases. If due to blow use Arnica 1M in frequent doses. Without any known cause use Ferrum Met 200C,1M; Phosphorus 30C, 1M.

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010