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First Aid - Heat Cramps, Stroke & Exhaustion


Heat Cramps

Heat cramps, also called as stoker's cramps and fireman's cramps, are agonizing involuntary contractions of large voluntary muscles of the arms, legs and trunk. They appear in men who work in hot, humid places, lose much water by copious sweating (normal response of body to environment) and drink water to replace that lost in perspiration. These patients are NOT dehydrated.

Oral fluids and electrolyte replacement will be sufficient.

Heat Exhaustion

This is an abnormal condition marked by weakness, dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps, and fainting. It is caused by low levels of body fluid and salts resulting from exposure to intense heat or the inability to adjust to heat. Body temperature is near normal; blood pressure may drop but usually returns to normal as the person is placed in a lying-down position; the skin is cool, damp, and pale. The patient IS dehydrated.

The person usually recovers with rest and replacement of water and salt.

Heat Stroke

A severe and sometimes fatal condition that results from the failure of the body to regulate its temperature. This is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun or to high temperatures. Lessening or lack of sweating is an early symptom. Body temperature of 105 degree Fahrenheit or higher, fast pulse rate, hot and dry skin, headache, confusion, blackouts, and convulsions may occur. The patient may have fluid and body sodium depletion as seen in classic heat exhaustion.

TREATMENT involves aggressive measures, applied quickly, to lower body temperature. Clothing should be removed on the scene, with cool water applied to the skin, followed by fanning. Ice packs to the groin and armpits are also useful. Intravenous fluid administration is often necessary to compensate for any associated fluid or electrolyte losses. 

Call your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room.


  1. Move patient to a cool or shaded area.
  2. Remove clothing.
  3. Patient should be lying down with feet elevated, if possible.
  4. Fan patient and sponge skin with cool water.
  5. Provide cool fluids to drink (water is best)--only if the patient is alert! See Also Unconsciousness 
  6. Contact emergency transport crew.

Homoeopathic Treatment

Sun (Heat) Stroke: Glonine 200, Natrum Carb 30C, 200C,Belladonna 30C,200C,Sol 30C,Lachesis 30C, Amyle Nit Q for inhalation.

Heat Cramps: Belladonna 30c, Natrum mur6x, Colocynth 30C,220C,1M, Cup Met 30C & China 30C

Heat Exhaustion: Natrum Carb 30C, Selenium 6x or high,Gelsemium200c, 1M & Lachesis 30C

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010