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First Aid - Fainting


Syncope is the medical name for simply fainting. It is always caused by a physical change in the body, usually in the blood stream. However, the physical change is brought about by an emotional reaction or shock.

The most common type of fainting, called vasodepressor, occurs when a person is frightened. Fright causes automatically increase the flow of blood in muscles- in preparation for flight or some other needed physical action. This in turn causes the blood pressure of the victim to become lower in the rest of the body including brain.

The problem correct itself if the uses his muscles right away. The muscles contract and pressed on the blood vessels, forcing the blood into normal circulation. If the muscles are not used at this time, the blood flow to the brain may drop below the level needed for consciousness and the person faints. When he lies (or falls) down, the force of gravity, which exerts a pull away from the head when the person is standing, helps the blood to flow back to the brain. Thus, the victim will as a rule quickly recovers consciousness. 

The victim may even recover faster if his head is lower than the rest of his body. If one suddenly begin to feel cool, dizzy, or weak - common events before fainting - one can usually avoid unconsciousness by sitting down and putting one's head between legs to increase blood flow to the head.

Some people feel faint, or actually lose consciousness, if they suddenly rise up in bed or stand up in a sitting position. In these cases gravity draws the blood downwards from the brain before the person's circulatory system can make adjustments. This lowering of the blood pressure is called "orthostatic or postural hypotension".

One should always remember that habitual fainting for frequent feeling that one may faint are NOT normal. Anemia, infections, heart disease, over use of drugs and complications of diabetes may cause lowered blood pressure or some other deficiency of the blood reaching the brain.

On the other hand, simple fainting due to the site of blood, or shock at alarming news or fright does not mean one have a serious problem. One might try to discipline so that one should not overreact to similar circumstances next time.

Some fainting due to emotional reactions, however, does need professional attention.  There may be need to correct a missing anxiety or emotional problem which is causing this.

Fainting and vertigo also can result from pressure on neck-from tight collar, or a message in instance. This is due to a reflex action in the blood vessel junction called the carotid, sinus, which makes the blood pressure drop. 

Sometimes medication is used to contract this reflex or to deaden the nerves of the carotid sinus. In severe cases, surgery may be required in order to stop the repeated attacks of Carotid sinus syncope.

Homoeopathic Treatment

In homoeopathy there are lot of remedies and it is very difficult to put all here. One can see in Kent's, Murphy's Repertory for detailed rubrics information. 

From the First Aid angle the most common medicine used are as under:

  • Unknown Reason: Camphor Q.  It should be given directly (5 drops) in victim's mouth and in majority of cases victim is OK within no time ( less than One minute)
  • After Anger: Chammomilla 200C, 1M, Gels 200C, 1M, Nux Vom 200C, 1M
  • From Bleeding: Aconite 1M, Ipecac 200C, 1M, Lachesis 30C, China 30C
  • At the site of Blood: Alumina 200C ,1M and Verat Alb. 200C
  • Dehydration: China 30C, 200C, Ipecac 200C, 1M, Phosphoric Acid 200C, 1M, Trillium 30C
  • Fright After: Aconite 30C,200C, 1M, Opium 30C, Gelsemium 200C, 1M, Ignatia 30C or higher, Staphisgaria 30C, 200C or higher
  • From Grief: Ignatia 30C or higher, Staphisgaria 30C, 200C or higher
  • From Shock: Atropine 30C

Call all a doctor immediately or go to a emergency room immediately if you are unsure!

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010