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Traditional Therapeutics - Sinusitis


Sinusitis has two essential causes, Internal or External actors:

External: Wind and Cold entering the Lungs through the skin that remains "latent" and is eventually transformed into Heat. The accumulated Heat in the Lungs is transferred to the head. This is what the Chinese classic termed "Nasal catarrh resulting from coughs of the Lungs".

Aside from the purulent, offensive discharges from the nose, the patient also displays cough and hidden pains in the forehead.

Sedate the points LI-20 (Ying Hsiang), LI-4 (Ho Ku), UB-7 (Tung Tien), St-40 (Fung Lung), and Lu-7 (Lieh Chtieh).

Internal: Raging Fire of the Gall Bladder having its source in the Fire of the Liver. Since both the Liver and Gall Bladder have connections to the head, the Heat attacks the sinuses and provokes the infection.

The patient has symptoms of dizziness or migraine, bitter taste in the mouth, and pain in the ribs.
Sedate the points GB-34 (Yang Ling Chuan), GB-39 (Hsuan Chung), Li-2 (Hsing Chien), and GB-19 (Nao Kung).

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011