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Traditional Therapeutics - Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatisms are generally owed to three types of Perverse Energies: Wind, Cold and Humidity. The Perverse Energies remain "stagnated" in the principal and secondary meridians, especially at the level of the muscles and bones.

There are three distinguishing types, according to the Causes:

  1. Wind origin--erratic pain. 
  2. Cold origin--stabbing pain.
  3. Humidity origin--localized pain.

Rheumatic pains vary according to the weather and are generally manifested at the level of the limbs, the vertebral column and back; the patient suffers from a sensation of cold at the infected area; heat soothes the pain.

Upper limbs: Choose among the basic points--TB 21 (Erh-Men), LI-15 (Chien-YU), LI-11 (Chu-Chih), TB-5 (Wai-Kuan), SI-3 (Hou-Hsi) and LI-4 (Ho-Ku).

Add according to the case, GV-14 (Ta-Chuei), SI-11 (Tien-Tsung), Lu-2 (Yun-Men), TB-10 (Tien-Ching), LI-10 (San-Li) and TB-3 (Chung-ChU).

Lower limbs: Choose among the basic points--GB-30 (Huan-Tiao), GB-31 (Fung-Shih), St-36 (Tsu-San-Li), St-34 (Liang-Chiu), Liv-7 (Chi-Kuan) and UB-60 (Kun-Lun). 

Add according to the case, UB-32 (Tze-Liao), Go-2 (Yao-Shu), UB-40 (Wei-Chung), GB-34 (Yang-Ling-Chtlan) , St-41 (Chieh-Hsi), and GB-43 (Hsia-Hsi).

Back and Vertebral column: Choose amoung the basic points--St-41 (Chieh-Hsi), UB-23 (Shen-Shu), GV-4 (Ming-Men), GB-30 (Huan-Tiao), UB-40 (Wei-Chung) and Bl-60 (Kun-Lun). 

Add according to the case, GB-20 (Fung-Chih), Go-12 (Shen-Chu), UB-52 (Chih-Shih), GB-25 (Ching-Men), and GV-2 (Yao-Shu).

Remarks: After stimulation, these points can also be chosen for moxibustion

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011