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Traditional Therapeutics - Parkinsonism


Apply moxibustion to the points H-3 (Shao Hai) and St-33 (Yin Shih).

For the arm, stimulate LI-15 (Chien Yu), LI-11 (Chu Chin), Lu-5 (Chih Tze), P-3 (Chu Tze), and LI-4 (Ho Ku).

If the legs are affected,  stimulate (GB-30 (Huang Chung), GB-31 (Fung Shih), GB-34 ( Yang Ling Chuan), GB-39, (Hsuan Chung), Sp-6 (San Yin Chiao), UB-60 (Kuan Lun), K-6 (Chao Hai), and UB-40 (Wei Chung).

For Tremor, sedate GB-41, GB-44, TB-4, TB-6, UB-58, UB-34, H-3, SI-3, Lu-10 ,GB-34 and GB-39.

It is helpful to use first tonification on the non-involved side before sedating the same points on the involved sides.

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011