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Traditional Therapeutics - Hypertension


Chinese Etiology:

There are two essential causes of Hypertension:

  1. Hypertension may be caused by a deficiency of Yin Kidney caused by the following: Over use of the Will and mental thought which weakens the Blood; excessive sexual activity; blockage of the Ancestral energy; etc. These causes drive up the "Wind of the Liver" accompanied by "Liver Fire". Symptoms include lack of physical strength accompanied by exhaustion of the Spirit, headache, dizziness, palpitation, insomnia, pulse-small and wiry. Apply Tonification** method on points UB-23 (Shen-Shu), K-3 (T'ai-Hsi), and UB-15 (Hsin-Shu). Sedate the points Liv-2 (Hsing-Chien) and Liv-3 (T'ai-Ch'ung).
  2. Hypertension may be caused by the Glairy Mucus in combination with the Fire of the Liver being transformed into Wind caused by: Overeating (leading to an accumulation of Glairy Mucus); excessive consumption of spicy foods or alcoholic beverages; or psychic disturbances of the Energy of the Liver (anger). Symptoms include pain in the ribs; dizziness and paralysis of the limbs; thirst and mental depression; pulse-wiry, sliding and forceful; white, greasy or yellowish fur on the tongue. Apply sedation** method on the points St-40 (Fung-Lung), CV-12 (Chung-Wan), Liv-2 (Hsing-Chien) , UB-18 (Kan-Shu), and P-7 (Ta-Lung).

Additional Points

  1. China's current therapy uses:

    a) K-3, UB-23, UB-18. 

    Points according to the symptoms:

    Dizziness and headache - GB-20.

    Abdominal distention and excessive mucus - CV-12, St-40.

    General weakness - St-36, Sp-6.

    Remarks: Treat once daily until symptoms subside, then treat every other day. This prescription is also suitable for Meniere's Syndrome.

    b) Ear points: E-33 Subcortex, E-55 Depressing Groove, E-37 Shen-men, E-51 Heart, E-39 Sympathetic

  2. Balance the pulses of the Kidney, Heart and Envelope of the Heart. Then sedate P-8, P-7, P-6, K-2, H-9, CV-6, CV-5, P-10, P-2, H-7, and St-36; then tonify SI-10, SI-13, SI-14, and SI-17. Choose the appropriate points among those listed.

**To Understand Tonification & Sedation one must read Ling Shu.

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011