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Traditional Therapeutics - Asthma


There are generally two types of Asthma:

  • That of External origin (due to the "Offensive Cold" or the "Offensive Heat") and
  • That of Internal origin ("Emptiness Asthma").

Clinically, in both cases, there is strained and rapid respiration.

External origin: Generally due to the after effects of a poorly nursed illness. The symptoms include strong respiration, swollen chest, shoulders and back rebound with each respiration, the patient cannot stretch out, pulse-full and sliding (slippery).

Generally, the treatment is to nurse the Lungs in asthma of external origin. Apply sedation method on the points UB-13 (Fei Shu), UB-12 (Fung Men), Lu-5 (Chih Tze), St-40 (Fung-Lung); to which we add according to the case, UB-11 (Ta Chu), CV-17 (Tan Chung), CV-12 (Chung Wan), and Lu-8 (Chmg Chu).

Internal origin: Generally due to renal insufficiency, the other energies are not being maintained in their "place" and they try to climb to the upper parts of the body (Lungs). Symptoms include rapid but feeble respiration, abdominal respiration, icy limbs, cardiac palpitations, sweating; pulse-superficial, small and feeble.

In order to nurse the Kidneys for asthma of internal origin, first perform tonification method and then Moxibustion therapy on the points UB-43 (Kao Mang), UB-23 (Shen Shu), K-27 (Shu Fu), CV-4 (Kuan Yuan), St-40 (Fung Lung), to which one adds according to the case GV-12 (Shen Chu), K-24 (Ling Hsu) and St-36 (Tsuan San Li).

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011