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Traditional Therapeutics - Bell's Palsy


This condition is due to an infection of the Cool wind attacking the Meridians of a weak body (due to exhaustion and lack of rest). This may also be a condition accompanying meningitis, external trauma, apoplexy and ahemiplegia.


Stimulate first the unaffected side of the body at LI-4 ( Hoku ) and Li-3 ( Tai Chung ), then St-4 ( Ti Tsang ) and St-6 ( Chia Che ).

Afterwards apply moxibustion to these points. Following, stimulate the affected side at the points St-4 (Ti Tsang ) and St-6 (Chia Che).

For impaired hearing add St-7 ( Hsia Kun ).

For headache add Du-16 ( Fung Fu ).

For nose veering to one side add Li-20 ( Ying Hsiang )

For paralysis of eyelids add UB-2 ( Tsuan Chu)

For lacrimation add St-8 (Tou Wei), UB-18 ( Kan Shu) and GB-1 (Chung Tze Liao)

For excessive salivation add #N-35 (Chianaei) by bleeding and then rinse the mouth with a weak boric acid solution.

Is one pounce posterior to the corner of the mouth on the inner bucosal wall.

For speech difficulty add Sp-5 (Shang Chiu) and TB-1 (Kuan Chung)

The treatment are given every other day. The patient's face may recover with a hot towel and messaged with the palms of the hands. After the treatment council the patient to avoid cold air and wind.

Updated on: 18 Sep 2011