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Welcome to the, personal website of Dr. Bhupinder Singh Sahni (Dr.Sahni BS), Retd. Dy CMO, ONGC, providing homeopathic care to patients from all sectors, all age groups and different part of the world via his clinic "Dr.Sahni Homoeopathy Clinic", an ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Dr.Sahni has over 36 yrs. of experience and a unique way to understand each of his patients and provide treatment. He provides treatment for orthopedic, endocrine, food, nasal related illnesses, asthma and skin allergies as well as treatment for adenoids, tonsils, piles, warts, discs etc., to avoid surgeries, if possible.

Students both from India & abroad also visits Homoeopathy Clinic to get acquainted of Practical approach of Homoeopathic Case Taking, Repertorization, Selection of Potency & Repetition of doses, Use of Homoeopathic Software etc after completing their recognized academic qualification. To find out more about Dr.Sahni BS click here.

On this site you will find documented unique cases of successfully cured diseases along with complete case history, test reports and prescriptions used during the course of the treatment, articles on various common diseases, homeopathy, first aid, 30 different methods of prescribing in homeopathy etc for your reference as well as understanding homoeopathy better.

Also available alongside the clinic is "Sahni Homoeopathy Store" providing the largest collection of homeopathy medicines. Kindly visit the Pharmacy section to know more.

If you have comments/suggestions regarding the material available on this website, we would definitely like to hear from you click here.

We sincerely hope that this website is useful for you and give you valuable information! - Dr.Sahni BS

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Updated on: 14 Feb 2020